When Should You Speak to a Contract Lawyer? [infographic]

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Here at TriCity Lawyers, we want to give you the legal advice and assistance you need. We have the right experience to help you with a number of different scenarios and processes, and one of our areas of focus is contract law. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on when exactly you should speak to a contract lawyer so that you can make the best decisions for yourself or your business.

When Should You Speak to a Contract Lawyer?

  • Before You Sign a Business Contract- If you have been offered any business contract, you should always have a contract lawyer look it over before you sign. We will go over all the clauses and make sure you are actually getting what you expect to get out of this deal. We can also help make sure that any boilerplate language is replaced with specifics that will keep everything compliant with your local laws.

When Should You Speak to a Contract Lawyer?

  • When Negotiating a Contract- Of course, you can also involve a contract lawyer earlier in the process, such as by having your attorney help you draft and negotiate the contract in the first place. Our team members are highly skilled negotiators, and we can help you make sure that the terms of the agreement are as favorable as possible. In addition, we can provide advice and guidance to help you create a contract that meets your needs and advances your goals. Another reason to involve contract lawyers in this process is because we can offer creative solutions or proposals that would be more difficult to implement in a finished contract.