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Here at TriCity Lawyers, we can assist you with making a simple will. For those not familiar with this term, we have put together this article to cover the basics of what a simple will is and how it works.

What is a Simple Will?

Definition of a Simple Will 

First, we’ll go over what a simple will actually is. Conveniently enough, this term is just another name for a last will and testament, a type of legal document in which you list your assets and designate who will inherit them after you pass away.

What is a Simple Will?

What is Included in a Simple Will?

Next, we’ll go over what components are included in a simple will. In general, these documents should:

  • Identify the Testator – Give the name of the person making the will.
  • Show Soundness of Mind – When you give your name in your simple will, you will typically also have to state that you are of sound mind and understand the document’s purpose.
  • Name the Beneficiaries – A simple will needs to state who will be receiving the testator’s assets.
  • Name an Executor – You will also need to appoint an executor, or person who will be responsible for distributing your assets to your beneficiaries after the will takes effect.
  • Signatures – In order to be legally binding, a simple will needs the signature of the testator as well as those of witnesses to the will.