5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Attorney [infographic]

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It is incredibly important to be selective about the attorney you hire. While having any attorney may be better than not having one, you should take the time to choose the attorney who will lead you to the most favorable outcome of your legal matter and make the process as smooth as it can be for you.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Attorney

  • Experience- It’s essential to hire an attorney who has prior experience with the type of legal help you require. For instance, if you are starting a brand-new business, you will want a business attorney who has successfully assisted startups in the past.
  • References- You should ask for references or testimonials. These will tell you more about how the attorney in question operates, how satisfied prior clients have been, and whether past clients would recommend the attorney’s services.
  • Communication- Good attorneys won’t speak in legal jargon or leave you in the dark when discussing legal matters. You should choose an attorney who will offer explanations in simple terms, answer your questions directly, and be responsive.
  • Availability- An attorney’s availability might not say much about their competence, but it will tell you how helpful they can be for your legal issue. If an attorney is juggling too many clients at a time, you won’t feel confident they will give you the attention that is due to you.
  • Billing- Different attorneys bill their clients differently. You will want to ask whether the attorney has an hourly fee, a flat rate, a contingency fee, or any other fees you need to be aware of.

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